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Best Seller Our Tour Package

You are invited to explore Bali’s many natural wonders, and we have proposed some activities for you to do there, such as taking a full-day tour of some of the island’s most famous spots, participating in stress-relieving activities to increase your creativity, or going out at night.

Ubud Bali Tour

East Bali Tour

South Bali Tour

North Bali Tour

Kintamani Bali Tour

West Bali Tour

Nusa Penida Tour

Half Day Tour

Best Seller Our Tour Activity

These are just a few of the many attractions available in Bali. Take your time, appreciate the natural beauty, rich culture, and welcoming people of the island, and do whatever you wish.


Batur Trekking

Bali Swing

ATV Ride

Elephant Ride

Horse Riding

Swim With Dolphin


Cooking Class

Jeep Batur Sunrise

Camel Ride

Jungle Trekking

Bali Dirt Bike

Helicopter Tour

Hire a Car with an English-speaking Driver

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. We exclusively drive brand-new, meticulously maintained vehicles in terms of cleanliness and efficiency.They are available in a variety of capacities and levels of luxury to accommodate various group sizes and budgets. By clicking “BOOK THIS CAR” next to any of the vehicles mentioned below, you can reserve a car and a driver. 

Standard Car

4 persons with luggage (max 6 without luggage)

Luxury Car

4 persons with luggage (max 6 without luggage)

Big Car

12 persons with luggage (max 16 without luggage)


4 persons with luggage (max 6 without luggage)

Why Choose Us Radhika Bali Tour

Experienced Guide

Our tour guides are multilingual and extremely dependable when dealing with tourists.

Private Car

All customers who order a car or drop off at our establishment receive private automobile service.

Affordable price

We provide the greatest services at amazingly low prices. and there are no hidden fees

Fast Respon

Our customer service will assist you with a helpful and timely response.

Our story with guests

The Experience of Those Who Vacation With Us

Maria awe
Maria awe
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My husband and I are big travelers and Yudi is the best tour guide we’ve ever had. Bali is my favorite place I’ve ever been to and a lot of that has to do with the wonderful experience Yudi provided us with. He took us all over Bali and knows exactly where to go at the best times to avoid big crowds. He is extremely professional and is always on time. Anything you want to do in Bali, he will make it happen. He picked us up from the airport, drove us around every day of our vacation, and took us back to the airport at the end of our trip. I cannot recommend Yudi enough- he is the best!! When I return to Bali in the future I will definitely be using him again.
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We are a couple travelers at Bali. We have such a great time here and yes definitely with our driver Yudi 😊 he is not just a driver but also provide the information and your guide to us. His service is the best ! If you come to Bali and looking for a great service driver , I would recommend you to go for Yudi 💖💖 thank you very much !
Mika Trush
Mika Trush
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My husband and I went in 2019 to what we called Paradise. Wow Bali was amazing and a beautiful. We booked with yudi and our adventure began. There was so many places we personally wanted to see and visit, yudi took care of it all. He was at our hotel always waiting for us ready for our day to begin. Always with a smile and patience for us tourists. He made my milestone birthday very memorable, went the extra mile even got a cake made for me and an entire beach of people to sing for me. So it was an incredibly special memory for me. I would recommend Radhika Bali Tour to show you beautiful Bali.

Customer Support

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